Monday, December 27, 2010

Skin care

Why is skincare considered so important? Surely our ancestors managed well without this kind of thing! Wrong! Our forefathers and mothers were very much into skin care. The products they used may not have come out of a jar or a tube. But the concept of caring for skin was always a prime concern. Oil baths, scrubbing the body with besan (Bengal gram flour) were a part of their weekly routine. They also used turmeric and sandal wood paste to keep away acne, pimples and heat boils. In the olden days, the skin was kept well hydrated with water, oils and a healthy diet. But the modern generation has to contend with the after effects of junk food, long hours in air-conditioned rooms (dehydrates the body), stressful lifestyles and time constraint. These factors adversely affect our skin. - We therefore need to take adequate care of our skin - to keep it nourished and refreshed. Unless the skin is cared for, it could end up looking weather beaten and ravaged. This could hasten the onset of wrinkles and fine little lines. Good skincare is all about keeping your skin clean, healthy and beautiful. It's about keeping it clear of pimples and other eruptions. It's about keeping your skin youthful and refreshed. Skin needs to be protected from the vagaries of weather, pollutants, age and inappropriate lifestyles. Regular skin care is the best way to get a beautiful and ageless skin. Inculcating a skincare regimen into our daily lives would go a long way in keeping our skin healthy and rejuvenated. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chennai Sangamam

The fifth edition of Chennai Sangamam will feature over 1,300 artists from all over the State, including about 800 folk artists. Chennai Sangamam is the biggest open-air festival of India. A significant feature of this year's festival was performances by the underprivileged children, children from slums, differently abled and transgenders. The children presented folk dance programmes, whereas the orchestra was by the visually challenged. The transgender group  staged a play. This year chennai sangamam had a documentary festival too. Oyilattam, KokkaliKattaiattam, Thevarattam, Villuppaattu, Sakkaikuchchiyaattam, Thappaattam, Kaniyaan Koothu, Periya Melam, Jimplaa Melam, Kalarippayitru, Kummiyaattam, Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam, Kazhiyalaatam, Therukkoothu, Nayyaandi Melam, Kaavadi Aattam, Paavaikkoothu (Leather puppet show), Karagaattam (Maadattam, Mayilaattam, Karadiaattam, Puliyaattam), Jikkaattam, Silambaattam, Chendai Melam and Tudumbattam are the various folk arts performed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sarangi - a palace of Kanjivaram saris

Sarangi, ideal store for silk saris celebrates the spirit of the Kanjivaram with a range of saris that are elegant, beautiful and always special. Never blatanly modern, each sari is designed keeping the aesthetics and sensibility of The Kanjivaram in mind. The name Sarangi(sau (meaning “hundred”) and rang (meaning “colour”) is inspired by the Indian musical instrument of the same name, whose sound is as expressive and evocative as a hundred colours. When asked about the idea behind starting Sarangi, Ahalya, creative head of Sarangi told “To me when something is beautiful, whether it’s jewellery or silk saris, there’s harmony, meaning and purpose. And for that to happen it must compliment their personality and be relevant to their life & lifestyle.” Sarangi is housed in a vintage 1963 bungalow, tastefully modified to suit the requirements of a sari store. It shares space with Rasvihar, the jewellery store. It creates space that offers privacy, luxury and comfort to our clients. A space where they could browse at their leisure, in a relaxing environment. 

If you have time and the interest to visit this palace of Kanjivaram saris, here is the address

#17a, Sterling Avenue
Chennai -600034

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fish Pedicure

There’s a new trend in the world of beauty that has some health officials concerned. The demand for an unconventional procedure known as a “fish pedicure” is growing in popularity. A fish pedicure is a foot treatment that involves placing the feet into a tank filled with small fish called Garra Rufa. These fish enthusiastically devour dead tissue on the feet leaving them softer and easier to manage. This is usually followed up by a standard pedicure performed by a human.
"A pedicure is not a very enjoyable experience, the normal pedicure. We wanted to make it much more enjoyable and fun loving for people. We thought that when they come here. They should enjoy and have a good experience. We wanted to give them a lively experience and through fish pedicure we have been able to give them that," said Rahim, Director, Naturals Salon and Spa. The beauty solons in chennai which provides fish pedicure are Naturals Unisex salon, Tulip beauty care, Kanya, Trends in Vogue,etc.,

There is warning if anyone is opting for fish pedicure. According to officials, a fish pedicure can cause tiny nicks or scratches on the skin which have the potential to become infected with bacteria and fungus.These fish are kept in non-chlorinated water which could be a source of bacteria and fungi that could lead to foot infections.