Monday, January 17, 2011

Kolhapur special

Kolhapur is well known for its textiles and cottons, in particular Kolhapuri saris. But it is of course most famous for its jewellery and leather sandals or the famous Kolhapuri chappals. You could easily get five pairs of sandals for less than Rs. 500. The age old Leather and Footwear Industry in Kolhapur is a unique identity of Kolhapur in India. Apart from exporting Leather raw material in a big way, the traditional Chappals made here have a unique ethnic look and have been equally popular in India and abroad. These Chappals are still mainly prepared by hand, which helps them retain their unique appearance. Places like Kapashi, Kurundwad and Airoli in Kolhapur district have roughly 500-700 Small and Large scale Industries where these Chappals are manufactured. Regular kolhpuri chappals are ideal for daily wear. Kolhapuri chappals adorned with gold cord, zari strips, pom poms or gota could be also worn on special occasions such as weddings and parties. 

Kolhapuri chappals are made from processed leather. Hides of buffalo, goat and cow are processed and grazed. Grazing of leather makes the leather hard enough for daily wear and tear use. Using specific templates, the basic chappal design is then cut out. Depending upon the final product, the cut outs are kept in natural color or dyed as per specifications. An amazing thing to note here is that not a single iron nail is used in the entire manufacture process. The sole and the upper body of the chappals are joined together by stitches which are done with a leather cord. Other embellishments and adornments then follow in making a fancy pair of Kolhapuri chappals. Some of the traditional designs of Kolhapuri chappals include Kachkadi, bakkalnali, and pukari. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Harmful effects of cell phones

It was observed that people using cell phones were prone to high blood pressure. A study at the University of Montpellier in France was carried out on 6000 chick embryos and suggested that the heavily exposed chick eggs were five times less likely to survive than the control group. A study brought out that longer the people used mobile phones, the more likely they were to report symptoms such as hot ears, burning skin, headaches and fatigue.
The study did not include a control group (that is people who do not use mobile phones, to make a comparison); therefore the symptoms reported could have been caused by any number of other factors in the mobile phones users' environment, such as working with computers, stress, driving or reading. There have been various studies into the connection between mobile phones and memory loss. A study looked into the effect of radiofrequency (RF) on the section of rats' brains that is linked with the memory. The results showed that RF could modify signals in the cells in a part of the brain that is responsible for learning and short term memory. Some researchers claim that holding a mobile phone between the raised shoulder and the ear could have a damaging effect on muscles, bones, tendons and discs. These problems would apply equally to a cordless phone or a landline phone as to a mobile phone and are the effect of bad posture.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rejuvenation Therapy or Rasayana Chikitsa

Rasayana Chikitsa is a unique therapy in the science of Ayurveda. It helps keeps the body young and agile. The various cell and tissue components of the body undergo changes as age advances. Hence, it is necessary to rejuvenate the body systems for a better harmony of the “Body, Mind, and Soul”. Rasayana Chikitsa is also known as rejuvenation therapy, which decreases comparatively the rate of degradation and thereby rejuvenates the body.

The treatment is a process that enables to relieve tension, overcoming sexual debility and improving vitality. This treatment consists of body massages with hand and foot by two masseurs with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated stem bath. The time constraint for this therapy is for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day for 7 to 14 days. This therapy is to rejuvenate mind body and soul, to tone up skin, to strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.

It is recommended for all ages between 16 and 70 years. The major benefits and advantages of the treatment are increase of lifespan, improved memory and intelligence, better complexion, restoration of youthfulness, enhancement of endurance levels and better and improved sensory perception.

The Rasayana therapy is taken in two different ways

  • Kutipravesika(Pronounced as ‘Koo–ti–praa–vey–shi–ka’). Regards to this particular therapy, the person has to stay indoors while taking the rasayan. Elaborate arrangements are made for the construction of a special type of cottage where the individual is to be confined. The person or the patient has to diligently follow the diets and other directions of the physician. He should undergo Panchkarma therapy before taking the rejuvenation. This type of therapy is, therefore, not very suitable for a person who has to carry on his profession or job.

  • Vatatapika

    (Pronounced as ‘Vaa–taa–ta–pi–ka’) This method is best for people who are time constraint and who do not have time to stay in the Ayurvedic clinic to take the first kind of rejuvenation. This type can be taken while doing your daily work. It comprises of different types of Ayurvedic herbal preparations which are taken as prescribed by the physician. On an empty stomach, these medicines should be taken at dawn. It can be taken without undergoing Panchkarma therapy