Monday, December 6, 2010

Fish Pedicure

There’s a new trend in the world of beauty that has some health officials concerned. The demand for an unconventional procedure known as a “fish pedicure” is growing in popularity. A fish pedicure is a foot treatment that involves placing the feet into a tank filled with small fish called Garra Rufa. These fish enthusiastically devour dead tissue on the feet leaving them softer and easier to manage. This is usually followed up by a standard pedicure performed by a human.
"A pedicure is not a very enjoyable experience, the normal pedicure. We wanted to make it much more enjoyable and fun loving for people. We thought that when they come here. They should enjoy and have a good experience. We wanted to give them a lively experience and through fish pedicure we have been able to give them that," said Rahim, Director, Naturals Salon and Spa. The beauty solons in chennai which provides fish pedicure are Naturals Unisex salon, Tulip beauty care, Kanya, Trends in Vogue,etc.,

There is warning if anyone is opting for fish pedicure. According to officials, a fish pedicure can cause tiny nicks or scratches on the skin which have the potential to become infected with bacteria and fungus.These fish are kept in non-chlorinated water which could be a source of bacteria and fungi that could lead to foot infections.

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