Monday, December 13, 2010

Sarangi - a palace of Kanjivaram saris

Sarangi, ideal store for silk saris celebrates the spirit of the Kanjivaram with a range of saris that are elegant, beautiful and always special. Never blatanly modern, each sari is designed keeping the aesthetics and sensibility of The Kanjivaram in mind. The name Sarangi(sau (meaning “hundred”) and rang (meaning “colour”) is inspired by the Indian musical instrument of the same name, whose sound is as expressive and evocative as a hundred colours. When asked about the idea behind starting Sarangi, Ahalya, creative head of Sarangi told “To me when something is beautiful, whether it’s jewellery or silk saris, there’s harmony, meaning and purpose. And for that to happen it must compliment their personality and be relevant to their life & lifestyle.” Sarangi is housed in a vintage 1963 bungalow, tastefully modified to suit the requirements of a sari store. It shares space with Rasvihar, the jewellery store. It creates space that offers privacy, luxury and comfort to our clients. A space where they could browse at their leisure, in a relaxing environment. 

If you have time and the interest to visit this palace of Kanjivaram saris, here is the address

#17a, Sterling Avenue
Chennai -600034

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